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We are a collective of visionaries, storytellers, and creatives committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Music, Entertainment, & Culture

Our mission is to champion the unheard and celebrate the pioneers, creating a platform that transcends genres, borders, and expectations. We infuse all of our work with our trademark balance of Love & Logic

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V13 Ventures emerges from the celebrated legacy of PureGrainMedia, marking a bold leap into a future where the intersection of music, culture, innovation, and industry sets the stage for transformative storytelling. Founded on the pillars of creativity, diversity, and digital evolution, V13 Ventures extends beyond traditional boundaries to explore, celebrate, and amplify the voices that shape our world.

Building on over two decades of commitment to authentic and impactful journalism, V13 Ventures expands the horizon, integrating the dynamic realms of music, entertainment, technology, and culture into a singular, pioneering platform. From the roots of V13 Media and the expansive journey of V13 Promotions, V13 Ventures emerges as a beacon of industry leadership and cultural exploration.

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V13 Ventures, born from the esteemed legacy of PureGrainMedia, represents the evolution of over two decades of dedication to music and cultural journalism. From its early days as PureGrainAudio, capturing the essence of the underground music scene, to its expansion across continents, V13 Ventures has grown into a multifaceted platform for artists and audiences alike.

This journey, marked by strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and a commitment to innovation, culminated in the transformative rebranding to V13 Ventures. Today, we stand as a beacon in the digital age, navigating the intersection of music, culture, and technology with integrity and passion. Our timeline not only charts our growth but symbolizes our ongoing mission to amplify voices and stories that resonate worldwide.

  • PureGrainMedia founded
  • PureGrainAudio founded
  • PureGrainMedia Launches PureGrainVideo
  • PureGrainAudio acquires Planet Loud
  • Mike Bax Joins PureGrainAudio
  • PureGrainAudio acquires Broken Amp
  • PureGrainAudio expands into South Africa
  • PureGrainAudio partners with BlankTV
  • PureGrainMedia launches Sax & Violins
  • PureGrainAudio re-brands to V13 Media
  • imPRESSED Music Blog joins V13 Media
  • PureGrainMedia launches V13 Promotions

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V13 Ventures proudly curates and cultivates a dynamic network that spans across various websites, brands, and strategic partnerships, each dedicated to delivering quality, in-depth content. Our ecosystem thrives on material that is engaging, insightful, and designed to challenge the status quo. Each entity within our network contributes to a richer, more nuanced conversation around music, culture, technology, and innovation, fostering a space that’s not only intellectually stimulating but also respectfully daring.


V13 Media // With the non-stop influx of new media, information, and news, what is worth your time? Through high-fidelity music, film, television, cultural, social-focused journalism, we endeavour to help simplify said search. Vita. Veritas. Vox Populi.

V13 Promotions // In a landscape brimming with talent waiting to be discovered, how do you make your voice heard? Bespoke promotional strategies. Artist branding. Personalized approaches to storytelling: we’re dedicated to amplifying your unique sound and vision.

V13.store // Where do you find the pieces that truly speak to you? Exclusive merch. Limited-edition collectibles. Products infused with the spirit of V13 Ventures: we’re here to connect you with goods that resonate with your individuality and passions.


Atom Splitter PR // Atom Splitter PR is an independent, full-service boutique music PR firm that delivers aggressive PR campaigns tailored for maximum exposure.

Pressed Fresh Collective // A-la-carte for independents and fully comprehensive for bigger brands, Pressed PR provides a customized team with the expertise to meet you exactly where you’re at on your journey and help you gain recognition and build your audience.

Julien Campeau Graphic Design // Full-service integrated branding, marketing, graphic design agency. We work closely with our clients to create strong graphics and marketing tools that build their business – while offering competitive rates and attentive customer service.

PureGrainAudio // Founded in 2005, PureGrainAudio quickly became a staple in the alternative and heavy music scenes, providing in-depth reviews, interviews, and cultural commentary. In 2020, it rebranded to V13 Media, marking a new chapter in its commitment to covering a broad spectrum of music and culture.
PureGrainVideo // Launched in 2007 as PureGrainAudio’s visual counterpart, PureGrainVideo offered a YouTube platform for live sessions, interviews, and music videos. It was integrated into V13 Media’s broader content strategy in 2020, expanding its reach and influence in the digital music landscape.

PureGrainMedia // Established in 2002 as the overarching brand for a network of music and culture sites, PureGrainMedia underwent a significant transformation in 2020, evolving into V13 Ventures. This rebranding reflected its expanded vision and diversified interests in the music industry and beyond.

Sax & Violins // Introduced as a part of the PureGrainMedia family to spotlight the classical, jazz, blues, soul, and folk genres. By 2020, its unique content and vision were folded into V13 Media, enriching the platform’s diversity in music coverage.

MaxMuzik // Acquired by PureGrainMedia, MaxMuzik brought the electronic, dance, and EDM scenes under the umbrella in 2019. This strategic expansion added a vibrant layer to the company’s portfolio, which continued under the V13 Media brand post-2020 rebranding.

imPRESSED Music Blog // Known for its indie music focus, became an exclusive feature on V13.net in 2020. This collaboration leveraged imPRESSED’s unique voice and V13 Media’s platform, enhancing the diversity and depth of content available to music enthusiasts.

Broken Amp Logo
Planet Loud Logo

Broken Amp // A site celebrated for its metal and rock coverage, was acquired by PureGrainMedia in 2018. Its integration brought a fresh, heavy music-focused perspective to the audience, continuing to thrive within the rebranded V13 Media ecosystem.

Lithium Magazine // Contributed significantly to the portfolio with its comprehensive music and cultural coverage. This partnership, established before the 2020 transformation, enriched the group’s collective voice, later transitioning seamlessly into V13 Media’s broader offering.

Planet Loud // Became part of PureGrainMedia, amplifying its reach within rock and metal. By the time of the transition to V13 Media, Planet Loud had solidified its role in delivering passionate music journalism, further diversifying the content and audience engagement.

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Read all about it… the latest announcements that define the rhythm of our world. From fresh releases to transformative collaborations, our newsroom is your go-to source for what’s new, what’s next, and what’s making waves. Keep your finger on the pulse of innovation with V13 Ventures.

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